About Me

© Jason Alden

Since studying social anthropology at Cambridge University, I have been a campaigner, a TV presenter, a magistrate,  a City Councillor, journalist, student counsellor, university lecturer and an obituary editor. 

I was President of Newnham College Cambridge Alumnae and have written three books including Learning for Life, designed to help you find your personal learning style as an adult. I have an M.A. in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths College, London University.  And I'm a wife, a mother and grand-mother.

In the optimistic 1960s I fought for free contraceptive advice at a time when campaigners thought that if every child was wanted, there’d be no more abortions and child poverty. I started life in war- torn London and I'm back again near Westminster Bridge, where I write Walk to Free Art London.  


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