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 Yvonne Craig Inskip

It's 1942 
Yvonne is five years old 
and having a major crisis 
Two mothers - no father

I can never ask the question 'Are you my mummy?' because I love both my mothers equally - Tyna, the tiny one, and Bigga, who is bigger. I don't have a daddy either, and it seems rude to ask.

This is the true story of how one woman navigates her way through family passions, secrets and multiple identities. 

Along the way she:

  • Discover Christmas puddings being sent to the Bank of Scotland 
  • Runs her mothers' corner shop 
  • Sits on a cat during a Cambridge interview 
  • Attends the seaside wedding of one of her mothers 
  • Discovers a cache of beautiful postcards from across Europe
Fifty years later, Yvonne begins a search for her father. Having been an only child all her life, she is astonished to discover that she is the sixth of his seven children, born to four women - and has a famous Swiss grandfather.

Available in Paperback and e-book:

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Yvonne Craig 

Designed to help you find your personal learning style as an adult.

 Published by Continuum 

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