Wednesday, 20 October 2010



If I have a zoom function on my camera I haven’t found it yet, so this picture doesn’t truly represent the resounding presence of Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror. It’s a stainless steel disc near the bank of the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens. and faithfully reflects back what is happening to the sky, moment by moment, having first tinted it red. The colour brushes across the surface of the water too.
The shore opposite is like a green frill with a pattern of tiny deckchairs, open and welcoming, on the left, and tiny model yachts sailing in the breeze on the right. Ducks of various shapes and sizes swim past ignoring the intrusion, except when the base, just under water, comes in handy as something to stand on to do a spot of preening.
From time to time my godmother used to say to me when I was small, ‘Just look at that sky’ or ’....that sunset’.'If it was a painting' she would say, 'or if it only happened once a year, people would pay the earth to see it, but now they’re not even looking.’  

I wish she was still alive so that we could enjoy Sky Mirror together.

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