Saturday, 12 May 2012


 Saatchi Gallery Chelsea

The work of 38 photographers from 16 countries is on show at the current Saatchi exhibition, some of which I love - and  one or two for which I would pay good money not to have on my walls. Either way it's true that much contemporary art offers a serious critique of society: green issues, warfare, colonialisation, capitalism, gender matters and so on.

But I have chosen this work simply because it’s  beautiful and it’s fun.

 A beautiful women, in a white diaphanous gown, is weightless and free. Her pose is that often used by the illustrators of childrens’ fairy tales.  She’s flying and tumbling through pure water and the silver bubbles glow like stars above her head. We know instinctively that deep water is dark and claustrophobic and life-threatening, but here reassuring light streams through the windows. And the room itself is reassuringly earthy, with  a comfy chair and  elegant furniture, even bric a brac.

Phoebe Rudomino is based at the Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios, the only facility of its kind in the world. She has a rare combination of talents: she’s a commercial diver and an underwater photographer. She specialises in behind-the-scenes underwater stills and video for feature films, TV and commercials. This photograph is a still taken from a shoot for a commercial for Johnson & Johnson’s Imagine body wash.

The image I’ve used is taken from the Saatchi Exhibition Guide. A better definition can be seen on

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