Wednesday, 23 July 2014


MEDICI GALLERY until Aug 23rd
Summer Show

Self Deception by Pippa Young

The title might suggest that the girl is partly wrapped in her own thoughts, a sort of protective carapace, though the fabric is  quite soft and pale and translucent. It might even suggest that the artist knows more of the truth than the subject of the painting. Through the title she's the one who judges her subject's response to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. But she is careful to say that her works are not psychological studies. They are 'not intended to be portraits of individual people...rather they are a metaphor for something more universal... The figure is meant to communicate directly with the viewer and the absence of context allows it to occupy its own objective space, timeless and unadorned'. 

Indeed, complicated and convoluted as the girl's garment is, we can see right through it. She herseslf herself exists with head bowed, eyes averted, all in soft, beautiful melted greys and greens.  It is a picture a great poignancy and tenderness. There is nothing in the  background, no manipulation, no clues or pointers as to how we the viewers should develop our thoughts.  We are free to make our own connections, form our own interpretations and perhaps ponder how the artist might paint our own protective carapace of self deception.

The artist writes 'My aim is to express something of the transience and vulnerability of the human condition as well as the surreal and fragmented nature of the world around us'. 


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    1. Thanks and do let me know of any shows in central London by living artists, freely available to the public. I love including new srtists, Yvonne