Monday, 17 November 2014


MEDICI GALLERY, Cork Street, until December 9th

Standing Fox 4, Bronze: H 22 cm. W 10 cm. L 48 cm.
weight: 6.5 kg. (c) artist

The Cat, the Cockerel and the Fox.
A Russian Fairy Tale. Illustrated by 
Yuri Alekseyevich Vasnyetsov,

The artist traces his rich use of animal imagery to his Russian heritage, and to exposure to Russian folk tales. In particular he was captivated by the vibrant illustrations of Yuri Vasnyetsov, illustrated here. Who could resist rushing to open the book to find out what happened to that feisty no-nonsense lady fox? The chicken may be tucked firmly under her arm but it has the look of a bird not easily defeated...

In his work he continues to develop these motifs and symbols using a wide range of animal images, domestic and wild, real and imaginary. Chickens and ducks and rabbits find themselves among dragons and sphinxes,  geckos (climbing the wall) and elephants, seals, squirrels and swifts, interpreting each form with his own highly developed sense of aesthetics and humour.

 Pencil, pen and ink preparatory drawings are the starting point for his investigation of form. From these drawings the sculptures are built up in wax in a time-consuming process and only when the form meets with his exacting approval are they then cast in bronze -  using the lost-wax method - by the Bronzarte Foundry, in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Inspiration may come from a night at the theatre, a visit to the circus, a beach in Mauritius, a trip to Egypt. Meticulous  observation combined with a sharp wit and a delicious sense of fun are what give life to each of his creatures.

Standing Fox as fountain
copper water pipe diameter: 8 x 6 mm (c) artist

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