Tuesday, 10 February 2015


(c) Julian Wild

Morley College Gallery SE1 7HT
Julian Wild's projects are often  based on the history of a site and may refer to functional processes and systems.The title Pelhan System is a direct reference to the Pelham Mission Hall, formerly a Methodist chapel, which is now Morley College's sculpture studio, where the artist has taught for 15 years. Wild works in a variety of materials including stainless steel, ceramics and glass, creating both indoor and outdoor pieces. He describes his work as a form of three dimensional drawing.

  'In the piece I have used a construction system used in industry. It relates to the Backlit (see below)  space in Nottingham which was previously a Morley factory. I wanted to use a Victorian boiler house aesthetic with heavy duty pipes and engineered joints for this work.'
I started this blog on the day I  went to a lecture by the painter Anna Freeman-Bentley at  Kings College London, which was chaired by Ben Quosh, Professor of Christianity and the Arts. She introduced her new book Mobility and Grandeur. I was reminded of Julian Wild's work because her paintings focus on  the relationships between the design of architecture, its function and use, how these uses change over time, and how streets, areas, communities and cities decline, regenerate and gentrify.

(c) Anna Freeman Bentley

 She says she 'allows space to dictate what I make, exploring the built environment, architecture and interiors, inviting emotive, psychological and semiotic readings of space...derelict factories and warehouses, baroque buildings, shops, cafes, and modern industrial and corporate architecture...(which) open up questions about displacement and replacement, decay and rebirth, change and transformation, public and private space, social and economic mobility, aspiration and desire, buildings and people'.  

The Backlit space in Nottingham' refers to an independent art gallery providing affordable studio space and a public programme of national and international artists including original artist commissions, workshops, screenings and live debates.


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