Friday 20 November 2015



Evening Walk, Oil on board 14x21cm

I could begin most of my blogs by apologising for the fact that no photograph does justice to an art work: it's the wrong size, and it cannot indicate the subtleties  of texture, depth and colour etc. But that would be tedious.  I make an exception in this case and offer an apology because Evening Walk is a prize-winning work whose quality cannot be wrapped up and delivered on this page.

Evening Walk is tiny. There is an underlying and satisfying abstract design and above all, an interesting surface texture which  hints at weather and wind. The work has a light-shimmering quality. It glistens.

Winter Sunshine
I featured an earlier work Winter Sunshine in Blog 92. At the time I wrote "The artist achieves a subtle range of colours from a limited palette. And I like her honesty. Sometimes the North Sea looks like molten glass. It’s heavy and strong, not playfully shredding itself into channels and ripples, nor dashing itself against rocks. Here it looks unhurried yet determined. The reflected sun makes a silver overlay like a lace cloth".

 ING Discerning Eye is a show of small works independently selected by six prominent figures from the art world, including Emma Bridgewater and Nicole Farhi, Stephen Doherty and Steve Pill. A total of 457 works – including paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings and photographs – by 197 artists were on display this year. Delia Tournay-Godfrey writes " I was amazed and delighted to win one of the eight purchase prizes at ING Discerning Eye on Thursday evening – The Lincoln Seligman Purchase Prize for my painting Summer Evening Walk".

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